How to choose between single or double storey extension.


So you need more space in your house and have decided to extend your house, but what type of extension do you require, single or double storey extension? Well, it can be difficult to choose, so consider these important factors and ensure you select most appropriate option for you.

Two storey extension

  • Two storey extensions can be built on any part of the existing building. However, with the double storey extension, there is a possibility of nuisance towards your neighbours. It is recommended to get a letter from the planning department.
  • Two storey rear extension helps you to expand your living space; it adds more value to your home in this way making your home more competitive in the market. In the event that you need to move some other place in future for any reason, due to its great value you can easily and beneficially market your house.
  • Double storey extension permits you to make more space both downstairs and upstairs than single storey extension.
  • Upstairs portion of your 2 storey extension offer a lot of extra space even you can manage to make a large bedroom for your growing child, so you will never need to search for a new house.
  • On the other hand, downstairs portion offers you a lot of space in which you can make an amazing living room, a plan kitchen, your dining area and much more.
  • A double storey extension provides you more ‘impressive’ street appearance.
  • The cost depends on your choices. However, the typical cost for two storey extension starts around £25,000.


double storey extension

Single storey extension

  • Single storey extension is simply an extension that can be built onto part of the home whereby one side (or more) of extension adjoins the property, and there is only ground floor or any basement built to it.
  • Like double storey extension, single storey extension expands your living space. You can consider these single storey rear extension ideas: adding an extra bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining area, etc. Moreover, it is better to discuss with your designer; they can advise you with various options.
  • Single storey extension is safer than double storey extension. As construction is much more simplier. 
  • The single storey side extensions generally need less substantial; hence, there will be cheaper foundations and steelwork over openings than a double storey design.
  • Typically single storey extension cost starts around £8-10,000.  


single storey extension


While there can be many other arguments for both options, however, the decision comes down to your own preference. You can select one option analysing how they could affect your future or current lifestyle.

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