Why to start considering a loft conversion?


A lot of people converting their lofts into an additional room, one reason is property price that continue to struggle in many parts of the UK. This has been occurring in London, and especially in the terraced homes, for over ten years now as property costs have driven the homeowners to find out alternative solutions to acquire that additional space for their home.

In Loft conversion process, the empty attic spaces are converted into a useful room, commonly as a drawing room, bedroom, storage space, a gym, or study room. The loft conversion is one of the popular ways of home improvement in London, UK and many other countries.

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"Converting the empty attic space into the useful room can be cost effective for expanding the liveable space and enhancing your home, but it is way better than costs of moving."

What price loft conversion cost?

Loft conversion price depends on the type of conversion, existing available space, and roof structure etc.  For instance, the basic storage arrangement can be done in only a day or two, and there are some loft conversion companies who charge, for around £1000, install joists, new hatch, lighting and loft ladder in only 24 hours. Indeed, even this type of conversion can be beneficial in the event that you are planning to sell your property. Having more open storage room accessible means having more useable space - and space sells your house. However, for a well-built and full-scale loft conversion, loft conversion price usually falls somewhere between £14,000 and £40,000.

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Dormer extension and loft conversion with ensuite

Dormer loft extension doesn’t require the dramatic changes to the roof. It includes adding dormer windows. It will expand the useable floorspace and can be utilized to include the head stature that gives you more alternatives with regards to arrangement of the stairs. Loft conversion dormer will cost more than £20,000. However the normal dormer extension with a double bedroom and loft conversion with ensuite costs about £35,000 to £45,000.

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The UK and especially London has some of the smallest houses in Europe, and practically every small household is struggling with living space or storage. While the property costs, stamp duty, and solicitor fees rise, in that case, a loft conversion can provide an elegant solution for these issues. Pros of loft conversion do not stop there; a new development of your property can significantly expand the value of your property, improve your views, and increase the amount of light in your house.

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