Contemporary Loft Conversion in Kingston

Contemporary Loft Conversion in Kingston

A family of four in Surrey was expecting a new addition to their family and needed to expand their living space. They contacted DPS Ltd. to discuss their options for a loft conversion. After consultation, the family decided to go through with a contemporary design for their loft conversion.

The project involved converting the existing 1930 gable roof into a stunning living space, complete with a new master bedroom, cloakroom, and bathroom. The gable roof was converted to a hip-to-gable design, with new roof tiles and a dormer added to the back of the house.


For a contemporary design touch, DPS Ltd. installed a glass Juliet balcony and glass balustrade. The added led lights and air-conditioning provided not only a sleek look but also a comfortable living space.


The project was completed to the satisfaction of the family, who now have a beautifully designed new master bedroom and additional living space for their growing family. The contemporary design and high-quality materials used in the conversion have also increased the value of their property.

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