Single Storey Extension in Ealing, London

Single Storey Extension in Ealing, London

Dali Pro Services Ltd. successfully completed a single-story extension project in Ealing, London, providing the client with an additional 220 sq ft of living space on the ground floor. The extension boasts a sleek slate roof, electric Velux windows, and a high-quality hardwood bi-fold door. The expanded space features a stylish kitchen, complete with a ceramic sink, a vintage-inspired fridge, and durable solid oak flooring.

A homeowner in Ealing, London, sought our expertise in constructing a single-story extension for their property. Eager to take on this project, we collaborated closely with the client to ensure their vision was fully realized. The extension showcases a modern slate roof and electric Velux windows, which invite ample natural light into the space. Solid hardwood bi-fold doors and casement windows contribute an element of sophistication and refinement to the overall design.


The newly created space houses an elegant kitchen, outfitted with a ceramic sink and a retro-style fridge that perfectly complement the solid oak flooring. Designed to feel bright and airy, the kitchen is equipped with a wooden worktop and an oversized sink.


In addition to the 220 sq ft of added living space on the ground floor, we also constructed wooden decking in the back garden to create an inviting area for outdoor entertainment. The client expressed immense satisfaction with the final result, and we take pride in having enhanced the value of their property.

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